Vista won't boot after installing video drivers

I'm running Vista 64bit with Asus 8500gt.(c2d e4500, 2gig ddr2, 1xsata, 2xata devices, 400w cm psu)
During system loading process, after green bar and before login screen,  loading stops with blank screen.
When I boot into safe mode, it works. Unistalling video drivers (nvidia let me load system normaly, and then video card is detected and drivers installed. Rebooting brings everything to starting point - vista stops loading before login. I have tried asus official release and latest nvidia forcware.
any ideas?

ps, everything worked fine untill today (video was ok with same drivers).  system was rebooted two times for unknown reason and then this issue.
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Forrest BurrisCommented: Download the MODIFIED nvidia display drivers for Vista 64bit. You do have the video card's power connection plugged in? Most 400W PS's don't come with power plugs for certain cards. A 400w PSU for a nice gaming rig is on the extreme low end.
MihailoAuthor Commented:
no, this card does not use "external" power. i could try with modified driver (but i'm not sure what's the point) since the card was working fine until today with official forceware. what could cause this behaviour? sure i'll try all available drivers if there is no better idea.
You can do a system restore to date that you knew it worked fine see if it helps.
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MihailoAuthor Commented:
no good. i tried system restore but mega-giga-super-vista keeps only 10 or somethnig latest restore points, and all of them are made AFTER last boot. (i don't turn off the computer for no resaon, so it's on for about two weeks). on the second tought, maybe this can't solve problem? maybe it's something else
I would backup data and do clean install on it, but guess that is not what you wanted. Also, I would test the card on other system see if it works just fine or it acts similar problem.
MihailoAuthor Commented:
ok i "solved" this problem. it's probably some electric charge or something? maybe card got stupid, or probably vista got stupid, i don't have better explanation. i removed a card to check it out, and when i put it back, everything got ok. strange, but i'm happy it works now (with any drivers i use - i wanted to make sure this is not a drivers issue).

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