Photoshop Tutorials

i need the following vedio tutorials

how to whiten stained teeth
how to remove unsightly scars
how to smooth age wrinkles
how to clear up acne
how to remove blemishes
how to remove a double chin
how to fill in bald spots by adding hair
how to open closed eyes
how to remove tattoos
how to hide body piercing
how to change eye color
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Adobe provides a library of tutorials that is available as a separate disk that comes with Photoshop CS3 and also is provided on-line.  You may have to be a registered user to avail yourself of those online tutorials, I am not certain.  In any case, I found the disk most useful that comes with the product, although the tutors go through the procedures probably too fast for the beginner, so viewing a multitude of times, with some added print material would be your best bet.

You may wish to consider buying a couple of "How To" books.  There are a number of them available that cover specific topics in a step-by-step procedure with screen shots and detailed explanations.  The problem with some of these beginner manuals is that you don't learn the underlying principles of the action required and that makes it difficult to generalize to other situations.

I would recommend "The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby, for about $49 retail.  It's the best general manual out there and includes detailed instructions for retouching portraits, such as:  Removing Blemishes, Reducing a Double Chin, Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes, Reducing Wrinkles, Whitening Teeth, and many other items that's you'd probably find useful, including removing red-eye, fixing relections in glasses.  These listed subjects make up only a couple dozen pages in a book that is almost 500 pages in length.  You won't go wrong with it.  It is just comprehensive enough but not difficult, and is intended for the Intermediate and Advanced Photoshop user.

Another book you may find extremely helpful in understanding and using all aspects of Photoshop is Stephen Romaniello's "Photoshop CS3, Channels and Masks, Bible.  This book goes quite a bit beyond Kelby's book, but if you want to understand how to use these basic tools to your best advantage I'd get it and study it.
One of the most powerful tools that will probably  be used in most of these tasks would be the Clone Stamp tool.   Of course, it will be used with others, but study it, get good with using it and you can accomplish a lot with it.

Here is a video using clone for Acne removal...

mohammedfAuthor Commented:
i want a vedio tutorials for things i posted abouve
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teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime  ;)    But here ya go...

Remove scars, clean up acne, remove  blemishes, remove tattoos, hide body piercing,   will all be done using the clone stamp tool - use the link I posted above to learn how to use it.

White teeth...

Double chin,


Eye color,

Adding hair (will be your most difficult task)...
Not a video, but one way to do it....

good luck!


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David BruggeCommented:
teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime


..and I might add

"There are none so blind as those who will not see."
Why the grade of B?  Please clarify.

top rung, you did not give him a link to EVERY single tutorial he wanted.  We are obviously dealing with someone not capable of grasping general rules and their application, nor is he inclined to make any effort whatsoever to solve the problem on his own, even with the detailed assistance that has been provided by you and me and others.  I thought d brugge said the last word on this subject.
True :-\  I just wanted mohammedf to explain his/her thought process.  I truly would love to hear the justification.  But you are correct, what was I thinking.  Ha.
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