How to add a wired router in order to move a wireless?

Hi All:

Current setup:   Incoming internet via satellite  ->  Wireless router with one computer wired into its hub ->  Wireless users in another building.

What I want to do is move the wireless router to building 2 to boost signal strength.  Current hardware available:  Linksys N wireless router, Trendnet TW100-S4W1CA router, 5 port 10/100 Switch, 1 Cat-5 cable between building 1 & building 2.
[This is all donated equipment.  No support / administration disks available.]

Future expansion to keep in mind but a solution isnt needed in this question.  I would eventually like to provide a remote pc connection to the computer in building 1 as that is the print server for the churchs B-size laser printer.

How do I go about this?  What would I look for & where would I find administration software should I need it?

Will not be able to respond until I get to my pay job on Monday.

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I assume the satellite connection is in building 2.  It would be WAY better if it were in building 1.

sat in B2: (tricky)
sat connection to TW100.  Setup TW100 so the wired PC can access internet, making sure DHCP is running on the TW100.  B2-B1 wire into LAN port on TW100.  In B1 attach B2-B1 wire to LAN (NOT WAN) port on Linksys.  Set Linksys up to have an IP on the network ( and turn OFF the DHCP server on Linksys.  Setup the wireless network on the Linksys, it should allow the wireless devices to attach and pass the DHCP from the TW100 through (that's the iffy part - sometimes it works, sometimes...), you are essentially using the Linksys router as an access point (AP) - I have this working with an older Linksys Wireless-G router.

sat in B1: (easy)
Attach the Linksys WAN port to the sat connection and make it work for internet.  Setup wireless and make sure DHCP is on on the Linksys.  Attch B2-B1 cable to a wired LAN port on Linksys.  in B2 attah the 5 port switch to the B2-B1 wire and the PC into another.  Note - there are no iffy parts here, there is only the one router giving out IP addresses and whatnot.

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You should be able to attach to the Routers with a web browser to configure them. By default, the Linksys has blank username and "admin" as the password -  The Trendnet has username and PW both set to blank.
lynx20Author Commented:
Yes, I'm attempting the tricky version.  2 weekends ago, I was on the right track & had setup the hardware as you state.  I even had a computer connect to the Linksys.  It just would not talk to the internet.  I forgot about DHCP.

The TW100 works as configured connected to the Sat modem & hardwired to a computer in both buildings.  So, I should not need to adjust anything with it - correct?

I have never configured a router via web browser.  How would I go about doing this?  What shoud I expect to see?

I have a cross-over cable made up.  Would that be of any use to make a stable connection into the WAN port?

I thank you in advance for understanding the delays in responding.  I'm out there to work most Wed. nights and every Fri. or Sat. throughout the day.

The wireless router should be attached via standard ethernet cable to a PC on one of the lan ports - the PC should be set to dhcp - let the router give you an IP.

Point the web browser at the router and set it much as above - you will need to give it a static WAN (must be  outside of your network, like,and a static LAN address ( - something in the address scheme of the tw100, but out of the dhcp pool).  Turn off the dhcp server on the wireless router and set up a wireless network.  You may meet with limmited success - this is really the job of an access point (we're trying to trick the router into performing the function).
Sorry -

If you attach a PC to the wired port on the router and set the PC to DHCP (obtain automatticaly) - then jump to DOS prompt and run "ipconfig /all" (gives you all ip info)  - you should point your browser at the gateway address to bring up the web config page.
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