High memory usage on Exchange 2007 server

Hello Exchange (2007) experts!!!

We had two servers.

Server1: W2K3, E2K3, AD DC, AD GC, fully patched, everything, but vannilla build if you like as pure windows and exchange, no other 3rd party apps excpet Symantec AV and Backup Exec which is kind of usual

Server2: W2K3, AD DC and acting as file server.

The server 2 has now been rebuilt totally, after proper dcprmo down, disconnect from domain etc and yes, totally clean removal before rebuilt. It probably has nothing to do with original issue here but just to give you guys histroy of things.

So server2 has now been rebuilt to Windows 2003 x64 edition for Exchange 2007 on it. Exchange 2007 has been installed with HT, MBX and CAS roles, basically only one exchange 2007 server scenario. Exchange 2007 SP1 installed before any mailbox moves.

Mailboxes moved, public folders replicated, cleanly,no issues there either. So basically everything is working fine appearantly and you would ask what is the problem.

Well the problem is that we have only 12 mailboxes, biggest being 1.2 GB, and the exchange 2007 server is eating away the RAM. It is a HP DL 380 G4 server, basically, fairly decent and recent with 4 GB of RAM and when I look at the server, the average RAM usage is over 4.8 GB.

Store.exe is eating away 2.8 GB which to me is quite unusual no matter how unfamiliar I may be with Exchange 2007. Initially it had only 2 GB and we had decided to upgrade the memory to 4 GB anyway, just to be future proof, but even right now I am getting those page file increase messages with page file also being 4 GB. Also there are ocassionally events suggesting some of the services are not goign to available as the memory is running out.

There has to be something dodgy there but I am not sure what. With Exchange 2003, since we do a lot of installs for our customers, I am in a kind of routine to go through steps to fine tune the exchange memory usage with a few registry changes and a few ADSI Edit changes and that seems to work quite well. But with exchange 2007, A I expect it to be intelligent and do this tuning itself and B can't find any document for the tuning that I had in Exchange 2003.

One fact, which not sure if it is going to be useful or not is that Exchange 2003 is still there. It is empty except a copy of public folders being replicated to it, but apart from it, nothing as all mailboxes have been moved, the SMTP mail flow changed etc.

All I can say is HELP HELP......4 GB is too much for 12 mailboxes. If it is normal if one daresay that, Microsoft would have buildings full or Racks just with memory banks of some sort to support 5000 users on one E2K7 box but surely that is not the case.

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MICRONET2004Author Commented:

Thanks for the tip.

Looks like that is it. Doh, I knew this parameter but didn't know it was for Exchange 2007 as well :)

I have made the change over the weekend and the store.exe is down to 80 MB after reboot but will check again on Wednesday as by that time all the heavy duty operations would have come into effect.


MICRONET2004Author Commented:
Hi Spot_the_Cat

I think you are bang on target.

I have modified the value and it is not going beyond 1.2 GB which is what I am happy with for the store.exe for 15 users.

Good one....!!
MICRONET2004Author Commented:
Good one
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