Basic Network Design


Looking for a basic design for a small/medium community college campus.  College has about 1200 users in 7 seperate buildings all connected to a MDF.  Have two running ISP's, and 1 backup line, connected to a Cisco 3725 router. Also, have two ASA 5500's (new), two 3850 Cisco routers (new), and a server farm for outside/inside access.  Any ideas?

Currently have 3com switches at each building, but can put cisco 1841's if recommended.

Know this is not efficient, so want to make changes.
                                                           ISP1 ISP2  backup
                                                        |  Cisco 3725     |
                                                              |      |
                         _________              _____________
   server farm -| ASA 5500|----------| 3com switch   | -------------- DHCP server (3 class C blocks)
                         -------------              -------------------
                                                           |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                         | Fiber switch  |
                                                          |   |   |    |    |    |
                                        buildings    1 2  3  4   5   6

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I would connect Each ISP to a separate router and have them behind a firewall.

For each building perhaps connect 2 links connecting to 2 main switches (1 link to each switch) for redundancy and reliability. The 2 main switches will connect to the other end of the firewall.

Perhaps move the DHCP server to the server farm and keep them in a 3rd link from the firewall.

All Internet servers need to be moved to the DMZ segment of the firewall.
I would also recommend that you use a separate subnet/vlan for each building.
If your 1or2 central switches support L3 routing.

The trend is to smaller and smaller subnets, even down to subnet per access switch, to avoid/eliminate  spanning tree.

If you are thinking of VoIP in the future, also try and daisy chain as few as possible devices
kenkup90Author Commented:
Would it be ISP, firewall, then router or ISP, router, then firewall?

Is it better with an 1841 router at each building or a switch?


                                                            ISP1 ISP2  backup
                                                        |  Cisco  | Cisco |          
                                                       |     3835 | 3835  |  HSRP or GLBP?
                                                       |_______|____ _|
                                                                  |  outside
                                         dmz          ____________
          server farm -   -----------------| ASA5500        |
 DHCP server (3 class C blocks)     -------------------
                                                           |  |  |  |  |  |   inside
                                                         | Fiber switch  | router or VLAN's?
                                                          |   |   |    |    |    |
                                        buildings    1 2  3  4   5   6  router or switch?

Thanks for your continued assistance.

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Answer 1) ISP, router then firewall
Answer 2) There are new switches with Layer 3 (almost like a switch with integrated router) - these are recommended;

Also on your ASA5500, separate the dmz from the server farm.

HSRP or GLBP??? I'm not sure which suits you more - I would go for HSRP if possible.

Router or VLANs? Routers and VLANs and co-exist.
Last line should read:

Router or VLANs? Routers and VLANs can co-exist.
kenkup90Author Commented:

Not sure what you mean by "separate the dmz from the server farm".  Should I put the server farm on the inside interface?  

Already have the equipment purchased,  will need to configure using it.

Thanks for the information you have provided.
Look forward to your response.
I meant put the DMZ in the right leg of the ASA5500 (Similar to your 1st diagram which had the DHCP)

On the left keep DHCP with the Server farm (DMZ should not be part of that)

DMZ will include any server that will be accessed by the Internet users directly such as your main Web Server and/or Mail gateway and/or main DNS Servers. Other servers not accessed directly by Internet users need to be on the Server Farm such as your database servers, File/Sharing Server, Intranet server, Development servers, etc.

I hope this clarifies my suggestion.

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kenkup90Author Commented:
Thanks for your assistance.  Much appreciated.
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