How can you add a signature automatically to every e-mails without users having to do any work

Problems how I am supposed to explain but.....

I would like all users to add a signature to their e-mails.
But, I want to do this on the exchange server so that every e-mail gets information from Active Directory fields.

an example would be Like:
Company Name (Company image - would be nice)
First Name Last Name
Company Address | City Postal Code | Contry
Company Phone | Company Fax | Mobile Phone
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kieran_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Personally, I use Exclaimer - as long as your AD information is accurate, it will be to.

What I usually do for larger sites is use it with rDirectory - this way users can update their own AD information. <->

GMH77Author Commented:
THX, guys - I will lookinto exclaimer... do you sell this product or somthing ;)
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Grading Comments:
"THX, guys - I will lookinto exclaimer... do you sell this product or somthing ;)"

Lol, no, I don't sell exclaimer :)  I just support products that work well.
I believe that it can be done without 3rd party tools, per the following KB:;EN-US;317680

But a 3rd party tool would give you much more flexibilty.
That script is hit and miss, and is more of a disclaimer than a signature (it is static)
Agreed that KB article is more for a disclaimer than a true signature.  I thought it could be modified to pull the User's AD info dynamicaly, but perhaps not.
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