MX records question

i have recently set up exchange server everything is running fine.
I have a question with regards to backup.

at the moment i have the mx records pointing to my static external ip address.

Previously it was pointing to the webhost's mailserver ( which i have removed from the list)

the webhost is

Would it be better to have a secondary mx record (webhost's mailserver) re-instated, incase teh excahnge server experiences any problem and mail start bouncing.

if i had to re-instate it, what would be the settings that i have to configure for it.

at the moment these are the settings for my mx records.

Name                                      Ttl            Class      Type                                  Spec         86400        IN            MX               1st                    86400        IN            MX               1st

The A records point to my external static ip adress.

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>>Would it be better to have a secondary mx record (webhost's mailserver) re-instated, incase teh excahnge server experiences any problem and mail start bouncing.

No.  If mail bounces, it is gone - a backup MX will not help, and will only cause you more problems.

Your MX records are wrong too, you don't need an MX record for, that would only be useful if you wanted to receive mail at


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What you would be better off doing is like enlisting a mail filtering service like  Emails will flow to them for filtering of virus and spam... then the clean mail is forwarded to you.  In the even that your exchange server goes down, mail is heal at appriver until the exchange server is back on line.  Works pretty darn good, and it's a good way to provide statistics of spam and viruses.

icdl101Author Commented:
i have cisco asa 5500 with  spam filter, spyware and antivirus. But my questions is wont my webhost mail server also store my emails in the event of my exchange server doing down
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Doesn't really matter - all the other SMTP servers will hold mail until it's back up anyway. And if your users are anything like all other users on the face of this planet they wont want your exchange box being down that long anyway.
well...  they will hold it for a short time anyways before they start bouncing the undelivrables...
48 hours is not what I would consider to be a "short time"

If your server is down for more than 2 days, you have bigger problems than a few bounces...
You will need to set your MX records like this:              IN      MX     10              IN      MX     20

This will make your primary MX point to
If SMTP is not accessible to your mail server, it will then send your emails to

This assumes that is configured to queue and forward all emails back to your main mail server. You will need to agree with your ISP to do that as it is a configuration setting they will need to do on their server for your domain.
icdl101Author Commented:
i called the isp they do not offer to queue the mail. so that option is out.
looking into the appriver solution.
thank you all for your expert advices,  i have accpeted multiple solutions.
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