Making simple converter with php

I want to make a php script that would read what a person submitted in a form and change stuff to what I set, such as a converter/encrypter/etc.


The Form -
Text to Convert:

I fill it in as -
Text to Convert: convert this

After being submitted, the php script would change "convert" to "FFconvert" and "this" to "FFthis" .

Basically, I want it like this for example:

$u65 = "A";
$c65 = "chr(65);";

If it finds $u65 (aka the letter A) in the formdata, it would change it to $c65 (aka chr(65);)and output that.

It's basically like a converter except I set what to convert to what.
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see php manual for

string strtr ( string str, string from, string to )

This function returns a copy of str, translating all occurrences of each character in from to the corresponding character in to and returning the result.
HiTechFail, it's not clear from your two differing examples what your goal is.  Please explain further.
HiTechFailAuthor Commented:
Michael, would that work for multiple characters?

And let me make an example code (TOTALLY MADE UP - NOT REAL PHP):

They fill in the form on my site, after that, I want a php script to change each letter they typed (Normal text) to something I choose.

$t1 = "A"; THIS WOULD BE CHANGED TO $b1 = "gA";
$t2 = "B"; THIS WOULD BE CHANGED TO $b2 = "kB";
$t3 = "C"; (and so on, whole alphabet)

Therefore, if I submitted "ab", it would convert it to "gAkB"
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are you always adding just one character to every character they type?
HiTechFailAuthor Commented:
Nono, only an example.

What I'm trying to do is convert text to it's chr(); equivalent.

Such as, the capital letter A would be chr(65);

Trying to make a converter to convert regular text into chr()'s
something as simple as this?
for ($i=0; $i<strlen($input); $i++ )
  $output.='chr('.(int) ord($input[$i])."');";
echo $output;

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HiTechFailAuthor Commented:
Yes that looks like it would work, and I would be able to make $input collect what was submitted in the POST form?
HiTechFailAuthor Commented:
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