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I'm doing some changes to a video player application which disables the windows screen saver while playing video. I have some code which prevents the screensaver from activating. But when the video stops and my code stops preventing the screen saver from activating, the screen saver immediately kicks in.

I'm basically capturing the WM_SYSCOMMAND  SC_SCREENSAVE  event and returning 0 while video plays. Which successfully blocks the screen saver. But when the video stops and I stop capturing this event, the screen saver immediately kicks in.

So is there any way I can reset the screen saver timer?
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One clue is in the dox for the SystemParametersInfo() API.  
   SystemParametersInfo Function


    Retrieves a BOOL indicating whether an application can reset the
    screensaver's timer by calling the SendInput function to simulate
    keyboard or mouse input.

I don't know what the default/normal value is, but if it is normally FALSE, then that would lead me to believe that you could reset the screensaver's timer by using the SendInput API.
    SendInput Function

My first try would be to send a simulated small mouse movement.  Then I'd try sending a keystroke.

-- Dan

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OdieGibletAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I got it working with SendInput!
Note from OdieGiblet (for future Solutions database searchers):
   Thanks, I got it working with SendInput!

You're welcome.  Glad I could help!
-- Dan
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