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I have an old web application coded in PHP, it was working with PHP 4 and Oracle 9i. It uses Oracle functions, not OCI8.

Now I have updated my softwares, now I have installed PHP 5 and Oracle 10g. Now it says Oracle functions are deprecated.

What I should do about it? I should change entire code to work with OCI8?

Is there a way to get Oracle functions working in Oracle 10g and PHP5?

Which one is problem Oracle 10g or PHP 5?

If I change PHP to PHP 4 it will work with Oracle 10g? or if I change Oracle 10g to Oracle 9i with PHP 5 it will work or I need to have old system (PHP 4 and Oralce 9i) to use Oracle functions in PHP?

Please advise, I want to make my sever up-to-date, what do you suggest?

Is there a way to convert my PHP code easily to work with OCI8 functions? How?

Thanks from now!
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hernst42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
oci8 has more feature than oracle, but it should implement all function from oracle. So replace all occurences if the function ora_ with oci_ and with some luck your application should be portted to oci8.

So check which ora_ functions you use and compare the signature of the function with its oci_ part.
CSecurityAuthor Commented:
So I should change the code, yes? I tried changing ora_ to oci_ but I got a lot of errors and code not worked.

So I can't use Oracle 10g with PHP 5 with Oracle functions? Which part makes problem so I can use old version of it.

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