how to make an exact copy of 1st USB flash drive to the 2nd USB flash drive?

Hi all,

I have one USB flash drive and it has Linux OS on it, and i need to dupplicate it to 2nd USB flash drive, how do you do it ?
i used Ghost to Ghost from the 1st one to the 2nd one, but 2nd one failed to start.
is there any tool that allows us to make an exact copy of the USB then transfer to the 2nd USB ?


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gsawanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

the solution is :
1) copy all the files from 1st USB to 2nd USB
2)copy the syslinux folder to the 2nd USB and then you need to run the script makeboot.bat(you can find this file easily when you are working on this type of project) on the 2nd USB to make it bootable.

gsawanAuthor Commented:
simply copy and paste from Windows will not work as it does not copy the boot sector properly across to the 2nd one.
gsawanAuthor Commented:
hi all,

i found the answer to fix the boot sector problem
dont worry about this question anymore
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Can you post your solution?  Thanks.
gsawanAuthor Commented:
above is the solution, pls close this call.
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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