How does Websense scan all networks on a switch

The question is how does websense scan all networks on a switch?
If you have on singel switch that has:
Firewall Innternal
DMZ Lets say the websense server is placed in DMZ but all the trafic from the LAN's go thru here. But they are connected thru the same swtich that uses VLAN
Firewall Ext

my question is how does websense catch all the trafic from all clients/servers?
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ngravattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yeah, a span port.  you setup a monitoring session.  I usually span the port that is the uplink to the ISP.  Its usually the port on your router that will connect the inside interface on the firewall

on a switch type

monitor session 1 source int fa 'xx'  -this is the port that is the uplink to the firewall/router/ISP
monitor session 1 destination int fa 'xx' -websense monitor port.

all traffic that goes to a different vlan (that includes the Internet traffc) will have to pass through a router and firewall.  So you want to find that port.
on some devices, you can mirror all the traffic for each vlan and send it to a port that websense will monitor.

GMH77Author Commented:
What do you call this, is it like when you make a span port???
Please explain span port if possible
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