INSERT statement Syntax in with Access DB

I have an INSERT statement that appears identical to every other INSERT statement I have used but for some reason I keep getting an error message about the syntax. I've no idea what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions as to what's wrong with the code I have pasted below? Is there something huge wrong with the INSERT that I'm missing? It's a application that reads and writes to an Access XP database. All the field names and table names are correct as far as I can make out. The detail of the error message is as follows: "In order to evaluate an indexed property, the property must be qualified and the arguments must be explicitly supplied by the user". Any thoughts?
Dim myOLEDBConnection As New OleDbConnection(My.Settings.WillsDBConnectionString)
        Dim myWillsCommand As New OleDbCommand("INSERT INTO tblWills (WillLetter, WillNumber, WillCode, ClientName, Address, DocNo, DiskNo, Comments, Year, Createdby, Checkedby, Location) VALUES (@WillLetter, @WillNumber, @WillCode, @ClientName, @Address, @DocNo, @DiskNo, @Comments, @Year, @Createdby, @Checkedby, @Location)", myOLEDBConnection)
        With myWillsCommand.Parameters
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@WillLetter", Me.txtWillLetter.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@WillNumber", Me.txtWillNumber.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@WillCode", Me.txtWillNo.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@ClientName", Me.txtTestatorName.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@Address", Me.txtTestatorAddress.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@DocNo", Me.txtWillDocNo.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@DiskNo", Me.txtWillDiskNo.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@Comments", Me.txtWillComment.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@Year", Me.txtWillYear.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@CreatedBy", Me.txtWillCreator.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@CheckedBy", Me.txtWillChecker.Text))
            .Add(New OleDbParameter("@Location", Me.txtWillLocation.Text))
        End With
        MsgBox("New Entry added to Wills Database for" & Me.txtTestatorName.Text)

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Göran AnderssonCommented:
Year is a reserved keyword.

Change the name of the field in the table, or if that is not possible, put square brackets around the name in the query: [Year].

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BozMAuthor Commented:
Spot on and first time round! Thank you so much. I was doing a lot of head scratching on that one! I can't believe it was so straight forward!
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