Sending Fax To an Extension Line using HP 2840

I am trying to send a fax using HP 2840. The receiving fax is an extension line. When dialing the number a massage plays saying please enter your required extension which my fax is not responding to.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Need to establish if this is a problem with you calling out of your telephone system
(in which case - do you need to program a code into the dialler to call an external line?)
or if you are being asked this by an automated external exchange (in which case you either need to program a delayed dialing of the extension to the remote fax - you can only create a delay (main number - pause - extension) you can't get the printer/fax to respond to anything other than the presence of absence of a connection or dialling tone.  Or ask the exchange you are contacting for a direct number to dial into their fax.  

Which example fits your problem?
engthamerAuthor Commented:
Your example is not clear to me. Ill explain again what I need to solve.
1. My printer/fax is connected to a direct line.
2. I can only send fax to an external direct number.
3. I want to send a fax to an external number then an automated answering machine asks for extension #.
4. The problem. My printer/fax dose not accept/respond dialing to an extension.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Thanks for the clarification

You have a few options (please have the user guide handy to explain some of what I describe)

1) Check with the company you are calling if there is a direct dial number for their fax machine.  Some companies have a line that bypasses the automated exchange process for incoming faxes.

2) Check if you can simply fax to the number you first dial and the exchange will automatically detect the fax signal and route the call

3) If you know the extension# you need you can insert special characters in the dial settings to delay dialling the extension number (see page 102 in the user guide) put the normal number then a couple of delay markers (",") followed by the extension#.  Most automated exchanges will detect tone dialling even if a message is being played and respond to that so normally you only need to delay the dialling of the second part of the number (the extension#) for a few seconds after the exchange picks up.

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