Extracting email addresses from the BCC in an outlook msg


I had a distribution list in Outlook 2003 which was accidentally deleted. however i can see all the names and email addresses in the BCC field on an email in the sent items. Is there anyway to extract these emails out?
Selecting all from the BCC and pasting into notepad only pastes the names.
I could individually rightclick and add to contacts but there's close to 1000 in there.

I tried to view the headers via the email options but its blank.

any ideas??


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I don't know of a way to extract the items from your sent message but, have you looked in your deleted items for the distribution list?  If you've already emptied you deleted folder, you can try the recover deleteted items option (click on the Deleted folder, click on Tools, click on Recover Deleted Items and if the item is visible, click on the Recover Selected Items toolbar button - this will put the item back in your Deleted folder).
There is also a program called Email Address Collector which extracts email address from Outlook (http://www.snapfiles.com/get/eac.html) - but I'm not sure it works on a BCC field.
Hello hpsupport,

PST2Mail will extract addresses from Outlook emails to a list that you can add to Distribution list or contacts list

Hope this helps!
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Try forwarding the message to yourself and see whether the BCC list appears then.
The easiest way without third party tools would be to simply export the email.  Move the emails to a folder that contains nothing but the mail you wish to get the email addresses from.  (Export will not allow you to select by message, only by folder.)

In Outlook, go to File - Import and Export - Export to a file - Comma Seperated Values (Windows).  Select the folder that contains the messages you wish to pull the BCC addresses from.  Type in a file name, and complete the export.  Open the .CSV file in Notepad and you can just copy and paste the email addresses out.  It is a little tedious, but free.

Do note that if you are selecting users that are also on the same server, it will pull the X.400 name instead of the SMTP name for the address.  For any external users though it should just be a normal "user@domain.com" type SMTP address for each BCC user.
Raymond, that is an awesome solution!  I just tried it and it works great.  Thanks for the tip. :)
hpsupportAuthor Commented:
Thanx for your posts guys,

Tried exporting the email to a csv however it didn't seem to work for all email addresses. there were still quite a lot of entries in there that listed only names not the email :(

I actually worked out a slightly less tedious, free way :)
I setup the smtp server in IIS to relay only for and disconnected from the internet.
Then,  i setup a new dummy account in Outlook and set the smtp server to
i created a new email message and was able to copied all the entries in the BCC field in the old email to the To field in the new email. I then sent the email from the new dummy account. Obviously it didn't go anywhere as i was not connected to the internet.
I then navigated to C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Queue and there was my email. I opened it up in notepad and there were all my email addresses in the header section each on a separate line! - much easier to work with.
I then deleted the other email content to leave only the list of addresses, removed the comma from the end of each address with the replace function, saved it as a csv and imported it back into Outlook as contacts.


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hpsupport, glad you found a fix. Interesting workaround.
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