Page Level Locking on Index. What is it?

When I try to reorg a table that has an index on it, I get this error:
The index "IX_ClientName" (partition 1) on table "Client" cannot be reorganized because page level locking is disabled.

Should I enable this in the index options? What are the ramifications? What does this mean?

It is a non-unique, non-clustered index.
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lexiflexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By default when you create an index this option is set ON. There was a bug (or feature, whatever you prefer) in the Management Studio that set this OFF by default. This seems to be corrected in SP2.

To turn page locks on, you can use:
ALTER INDEX index_name ON table_name SET (ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS = ON)

As for the ramifications, this options should be set to ON (it's the default) so SQL Server can decide which locking strategy is the best. Only in rare and very specific cases could this option, when set to OFF, make any positive difference in performance.
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