I need to know the configureation of sonicfirewall 2040

We have a static IP at H.O and one remote location also we have static IP.
I am able to configure VPN by using static IP at both ends.

Other remote location we have ADSL which has dynamic IP , I would like to know how
I can configure VPN with static IP at head office and remote location
with ADSL connection.
Please provide step by step details
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asi-mikeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Configure the VPN the same way, but you need to set the mode to AGGRESSIVE from Main Mode when you are using a dynamic IP.
WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
I am totally confused , is there any way you can explain me in detail. I am a beginner in this , with static IP i felt very very easy but with one end dynamic i am lost. please guide me
WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
i have used "no-ip"
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