Can't create software mirror

I need a little help with this one. Here is the scenario. I have a client wih SBS 2003 that needed a larger hard drive installed. The exisitng 36gb SCSI software mirrored array was running out of space. I purchased Paragon Partition Manager 8.5 server edition. Removed one of the hard drives in the existing mirror to break the mirror, converted the dynamic disk to basic disk with PM 8.5, copied the exisiting basic disk to new 73gb hard drive with Acronis Server Image rebooted and converted drive to dynamic drive. Rebooted added second new 73gb hard drive and converted to dynamic disk. Currently both disk are visible with Disk Manager, both disks are identical, both disk are dynamic, second disk is unallocated. When I try to add software mirror the option is grayed out....I know other people have had this issue and it's usually related to unallocated space, differnet hard drive sizes etc..I need help!!
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MarkMichaelConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Instead of re-typing what other experts have written on here I will link you to the same issue with another user:

Once you have throughly gone through those options, we will further try to solve this..
sccomputerAuthor Commented:
1st drive needed to be smaller than second drive
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