Ai Booster v2.00.68 causing my computer to BSOD and reboot.

alright so i built my own system.
Asus P5E MOBO Bios v. 0601 (most current just updated)
Memory Corsair 2x2gb sticks
HDD 1 WD raptor 150gb 10,000 RPM 1 WD 500gb 7200RPM
Processor Intel Dual Core 3.0ghz
OS Win XP pro

the problem i am having is i just got everything up to date Windows updates, Driver updates and i also install the ASUS Ai booster v2.00.68. now when this program starts, and starts collecting info the computer BSOD's and reboots.

I cant give you really any other info then that about the BSOD except that the computer works just fine when that program doesn't start cause i'm using it right now to ask this question and that the BSOD flashes sooooo fast that even a speed reader might only be able to catch one word.

i was wondering if anyone has heard of this problem cause i'd like to use that program it looks pretty sweet

Thanks in advanced for your help.
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tlman12Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:

no i don't over clock and i did figure out that file causing the issue is AsIO.sys
located under C:\windows\system32\drivers

i'm not sure how to fix it though

Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:

Can you post some of the memory dumps?
tlman12Author Commented:
heres a zip file with 6 small memory dumps and a kernel dump.
you can set the system NOT to reboot on errers: in device manager>advanced tab>restart settings
it sems a driver fault
by the way, do you overclock? turn it of then; it can interfere with AIbooster
i would uninstall the AI booster, and contact Asus with your problem
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