DLL does not load dynamically on AMD64 X2 running windows xp pro (Japanese version)

Cannot dynamically load a DLL completely when using an AMD64 X2 machine with the Japanese version of windows xp pro. The DLL will load and work properly on all 32 bit and xeon processors. The failure point comes from not being able to retrieve a handle to a couple of functions inside the DLL. Actually it fails for 3 functions only out of 25. What can be done to overcome this? Any ideas what to look for?
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well, I would start by what you "assume".
for example, you assume that integer is 4 bytes in size. if you are using anyware in your program/dll another DLL (sdk, framework or even WINAPI) and you (or that fnction from dll) assumes that the integer is 4 bytes, then on a 64 bit processor where the integer is 8 bytes you will have undesireble effects.
this is only one example of things going wrong because you assume something. like when you assume that all variables are automatically initialized and then after 2-3 years you change the memory manager which will no longer initialize the variables.

basically, we cannot help if we don't see the faulty functions. I would assume that all 3 have the same problem so let';s start with the shortest one. post it here so we can have something on which to discuss.
I suggest also looking very carefully at the spelling of the names of each function.  You can use a program named Dependency Walker (Depends.Exe) to see the exact spelling of every Export.
inora08Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.
Another close look at what exactly happens, revealed that the problem was in the installer. For some strange reason, it did not overwrote the DLL on that particular computer. It seems like a issue with some permissions in Windows. This got fixed now everything is running.

Lesson learned: ALWAYS assign new build numbers to everything, then manually check if you really use the correct program/dll.


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