i need to send message to user in time diff

hi there ,
i am connectiong to sms web service
i have appointments and i need to remind  the coustomer abhot his appointments 1 hour befor the
appointments time.

i have 3 parameters :
the Appo time
the Appo time -1 hour
and the time itself

if the appo time is : 12:00
i need to send the reminde message in 11:00
how can i do it ?

thanks ...
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Send Reminder message to user if it returns true

private bool SendReminder(DateTime dtAppointmentTime)
   return true;
 return false;

Tech_MenAuthor Commented:
i need to a loop that work all the time
i want to turn the loop every 10 min
and all the app in the range need to get the remind

for exsample :
if there is a cust that has an appo in 12:00
he need to get remind in 11
if the loop start in 11:10 i need to get all the app in the range of 12 -1 houre
Loop is not what you need. You should use timer object. If you set the interval of timer to 60000 which means every minute, you wont miss any reminder.
Add a timer to your form, set it interval to 60000 (Every minute). Add this code the the Tick event of  timer
//Get all appointments from DB
//I assume your query returns a datatable that contains a column name AppointmentTime

           DataTable dt=GetAllAppointments();

            foreach (DataRow drow in dt.Rows)
                DateTime dtAppointmentTime = (DateTime)drow["AppointmentTime"];
                if (DateTime.Now.AddHours(1) == dtAppointmentTime)
                    //Send reminder


Actually you didnt supply enough information. If you have any code, send it to here and clarify what should be done

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