Change DC and install Exchange 2007

Current Network
2 sites - Both sites have a Windows 2003 DC which is also an Exchange 2003 Server.  VPN setup between the offices.  Both sites have each a new server just as a data server.  

What needs to happen:
The two new servers at each location get DCPROMO and the roles transferred away from the current DC/Exchange 2003 box...  Install Exchange 2007 on a new box and than transfer over the 2003 mailboxes to 2007.

When I transfer over the roles to the new DC will I mess up Exchange 2003?
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consultkhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

NO.I assume that your active directory schema is prepared for exchagne 2003.To be able to install the firs exchagne 2007 server in your current exchagne 2003 organisation you need to prepare the schema or upgrade the schema to exhange 2007.

Read this article for reference.

Read it,understand the consequences,prepare pre-requisites AND THEN go ahead.
No at all.
petvesAuthor Commented:
I have already migrated over two other Exchange 2003 networks but this one in particuar I first have to get the DC with roles over to a newer server still have Exchange 2003 function than install Exchange 2007...  That article posted is one I already used and is most helpful.  Since you gave me more info than another other respondant full credit to you..
>>When I transfer over the roles to the new DC will I mess up Exchange 2003?

You will only mess things up if you DCPROMO the existing Exchange servers or remove the GC role.
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