convert/insert RSS feeds to a database

Can anyone recommend an RSS feedreader which I can use and then convert the feeds (all the threads in a newsgroup for example) into a database?
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note that a RSS is just a XML, so any XML reader can help you. The real problem with genereic feed reader is that many modules are source specific.

You can consider the Rome to do some of this work:

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what you want to do is a simple thing, you only need to "read" that feed, and then insert each line to mySQL
reading the feed is the tricky part, so have a look here on how to get that reading

then, it is easy to build inserts into your database, either insert it line by line (a row at a time) with multiple quries, or you can generate one query that does it all like this
insert into table (field1,field2) values (value1,value1), (value2,value2),(value3,value3), etc....
Processing a generic RSS (diferent version) coming from different sources as a XML Document, is a nithmare since you have tags with diferent names, namespaces.

You have multiple RSS, try to get a generic library to do the work.

I looked for some time a way of converting RSS/Atom into a RSS version 1 and I have stop in the Rome library.

The only problem was that it was Java, but I adapt myself.
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