Cisco Switches SNMP and Monitoring Configurations

I am looking at several Network monitoring solutions ( Zabbix, Zenoss, Cacti and such, and most can use SNMP to report.

Currently the Cisco switches are not configured for reporting, what do I need to do to configure them for Network monitoring software to get the ability to monitor them? I am looking for both status, and bandwidth monitoring capability.

I am looking to configure two 1841's, a ASA 5500, a 1721, a 3750, three 3560's, and six 2950's.

I would prefer to do this without taking them down, and if they need to come down, I would have to do it on a weekend or late night.
lundrogSr Cloud ArchitectAsked:
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I have managed to monitor Cisco switches, routers and firewalls without any issues. Just you have to configure the snmp settings on the Cisco devices. I have managed to monitor the status and bandwidth with ManageEngine OpManager and Netflow.

All of these configurations are well documented by ManageEngine and Cisco. There is no need for downtime or taking anything down.

lundrogSr Cloud ArchitectAuthor Commented:

do you have examples of the commands to do this?

Do i need a snmp server or something to catch the info or does manageEngine and Netflow direclty interact with the switches?
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lundrogSr Cloud ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Perfect, looks like the info I need.

I will read thought it and try it this week.
lundrogSr Cloud ArchitectAuthor Commented:
The above look to work with different versions of Pix, I have a ASA 5500. Any idea where i can find info for SNMP config?
The PIX and ASA run the same basic software and are configured the same.  The 2nd link above provides the configuration options for the V7 PIX/ASA software.  Even if you are running V8 of PIX/ASA, it is basically the same.
lundrogSr Cloud ArchitectAuthor Commented:
The ASA as a web interface, I used that to configure that device.
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