Check csv file for number or fields in each record and filter out

I have been given a txt file with users names and addresses. My problem is I imported it into excel and  went into the first column with a good record having 4 lines followed  by a blank line I got around that by exporting it to a csv file and tnen using multiline to export it to a record with 4 fields that went into Columns a,b,c,d.
Now I found out that some of the records don't have 4 lines but 3 lines. Is there anyway to add a line or sort out the 3 line records? There is about 20000 lines in the spreadsheet so it is quite large and I want to automate this.
Name, Address1, Address2, City Zip.
some of the records have only 3 lines in them eg Name, Address1, City Zip.
What is the easiest way to either sort the 3 line records or fix the records with only 3 lines.
here is an example of the file
test         first
NASHVILLE       TN 37205

test         second
COLUMBIA        KY 42728

test      third

FRANKLIN        TN 37067
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William ElliottSr Tech GuruCommented:
how does this work for you?
Const ForReading = 1
Const ForWriting = 2
strFileName = "C:\list.txt"
strnewFileName = "C:\list.csv"
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(strFileName, ForReading)
Set objFile2 = objFSO.OpenTextFile(strnewFileName, ForWriting, true)
strnewText = ", "
Do Until objFile.AtEndOfStream
strText = objFile.Readline
	if RegExpTest("[0-9]{5}", right(strText,5)) = true then 
		strnewText = strnewText & ", " & strText & vbcrlf
		objFile2.WriteLine strnewText
		strnewText = ""
		strnewText = strnewText & ", " & strText
	end if
strText = ""
wscript.echo "done"
Function RegExpTest(patrn, strng)
   Dim regEx, Match, Matches   ' Create variable.
   Set regEx = New RegExp   ' Create a regular expression.
   regEx.Pattern = patrn   ' Set pattern.
   regEx.IgnoreCase = True   ' Set case insensitivity.
   regEx.Global = True   ' Set global applicability.
   Set Matches = regEx.Execute(strng)   ' Execute search.
   For Each Match in Matches   ' Iterate Matches collection.
	  if match.value <> "" then RegExpTest = true
End Function

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William ElliottSr Tech GuruCommented:
i gues instructions would help

change these lines to match your initial filename, then the output csv file.

strFileName = "C:\list.txt"
strnewFileName = "C:\list.csv"

then save the script as parseme.vbs and double click on it
William ElliottSr Tech GuruCommented:
one thing to note... the script is assuming that you are using only 5 digit zipcodes.

if you have the 9 digit codes it may screw up the script.
remotetnAuthor Commented:
Thanks I will give it a shot.  From what I have seen in the list it is just 5 digit zipcodes.

remotetnAuthor Commented:
That worked great the only thing was I had blank lines in the csv, I used ultraedit32 to remove the blank lines and setup the access database.


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