RPC over HTTP can only work with Outlook 2003 on exchange 2003 server but not other client computers

I have a single exchange 2003 server (DC and GC). I successfully managed to get rpc over http to work on the outlook 2003 that was installed on the exchange server itself.

In the LAN on another PC, i tried to configure the rpc over http on outlook 2003 on another PC with the same outlook settings the resulted connection was TCP/IP. i am using MS Windows CA and exported the cert to the other PC. OWA using SSL is also working fine. Can anyone tell me ehat went wrong?  

I will get it up in the LAN before testing on the WAN, Can i confirm only port 80/443 need to open & NAT for it to work across wan
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kieran_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have outlook installed on the exchange server?  That is unsupported, and guaranteed to screw something up.

>>Can i confirm only port 80/443 need to open & NAT for it to work across wan

You only need TCP443 for RPC/HTTP

If you have a problem from the workstations, test the certificate first - from a workstation browse to the name you are typing in in outlook -> https://server.domain.com/rpc

If it comes up with a certificate error, fix it.  Outlook cannot deal with cert errors
dnackAuthor Commented:
Nope. the outlook installed on the exchange server was working perfectly arlight with https. With the exactly outlook setting on another client PC, it only connect tcp/ip.
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dnackAuthor Commented:
So far outlook in exchange does not have any problem. Only on the client have problem. What should be the normal respond on the broswer for  https://server.domain.com/rpc ?
>>So far outlook in exchange does not have any problem.

Start counting down.

That aside, the normal response for /rpc would be that it prompts you for a username and password (of which none will work).  The real point of it is to see if you have a certificate prompt - if you do not get a certificate prompt, then move onto the next step, which is, reconfigure outlook; http://www.amset.info/exchange/rpc-http-client.asp

dnackAuthor Commented:
Yup it was the SSL certifiacte which i configured wrongly.. thanks
dnackAuthor Commented:
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