System shutdown was unexpected And VoiceServer was terminated unexpectedly

Our server 2003 is sometime shutdown unexpectedly. I checked Event Viewer I got:
Source: EventLog
Type: Error
Category: None
Event ID: 6008
Description: The previous system shutdown at 8:52:28 AM on 2/9/2008 was unexpected.

I also have Voice mail sever and its voiceserver service is terminated unexpectedly. Here whatever I got:
Source: Service Control Manager
Catergory: None
Type: Error
EventID; 7034
Description: The VoiceServer terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 2 times.

Please help us ASAP. Thanks
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You have to start at the beginning:

Do you have sufficient power conditioning and backup?  Intermittent problems can be caused by power fluctuations.

Also, check to be sure no outlets are connected to switches, and that all cords are secure.

If you have multiple machines going down at the same time, this is the most likely culprit.

Without any more information, there really is no way to help.

Other questions regarding physical (not application/OS/hardware):
Are the machines in the same rack?
Crashing during business hours or randomly?
Where are the machines (pubilc access)?
Environmental conditions (temp, humidity, static)

Eliminate the physical, and monitor the dates and times of the outages.

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