PST File Grows

I just deleted 13000 emails from my Deleted Items folder. I was watching the size of the PST file to see what impact that deletion had.  Running Outlook 07 on XP SP2.

The PST file went from 277 megs to 297 megs.

Why would it grow when items are deleted?

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TWBitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well I can't say with any certainty, but I would assume that there is overhead of some sort associated with the change, and for 13,000 files, it is noticable, whereas for a couple files it is not.  Out of curiositly, did you look at the size of the Deleted Items folder?
Try forcing it.  Go to File|Data File Mangagement, choose your PST, click Settings then Compact Now
Bluewhale042399Author Commented:
Compacting would probably help, but my question is WHY does the file size increase when emails are deleted?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Bluewhale,

Check the PST file size again. 20 MB is due to Outlook keeping track of where the emails went.  Compacting would reduce all the empty spaces and bring the number down to near 0.

Hope this helps!
Bluewhale042399Author Commented:
TWBit: No, I checked only the full PST file. Now see where I can check the sub folders: will do so next time.

War1: Checked it just now: PST is 172 Megs. I expected the size to shrink after deleting the trash.... Perhaps I need to restart the service / reboot the PC for the change to take effect?  

Also time to compact as suggested: I generally do that once a month but no reason not to now.   :]

Thanks for the thoughts.
Back up the DBX file before you compact.  Compacting can corrupt DBX files.  
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