Floating DIVS and white space

Could someone please tell me whats wrong with this page: - http://www.sc-it.co.uk/free.sc , There is loads of white space that I cant get rid of. Firefox is fine, but any version os IE there is loads fo space at the end of the main content


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In IE I get an error on the page - the details of which say
Line:  476
Char:  1
Error:  Object expected
Code:  0
URL:  http://www.sc-it.co.uk/free.sc

Check to see if there is something missing there.

Also you have code set to detect if it is IE or Netscape - have you used Netscape to test rather than firefox so as to be sure that it is only IE with the problem.

The values for the last two items are linked to toshiba.com which seem quite strange to me since neither is a toshiba product.

Hope this is useful in some way

Hi, the problem - as I see it - is this:

To position elements inside the .main div, you rely on setting negative top margins for relatively positioned elements.
When relatively positioned elements are shifted like this, their initial location will not be "freed" -
This is why you'll have empty unused space at the bottom of .main.
See e.g.

Now, you have given .main a height of 800px - Firefox will limit the height to 800px (this is why "it works" in Firefox), but IE6 will expand (unfortunately, IE6 treats "height" like "min-height"...) to hold that extra content (the empty space caused by the shifted relatively positioned elements). The empty space is there in FF too, but it's outside .main (as overflowing content).

You could try to set negative bottom margins for wrappers that contain shifted relatively positioned elements, or hide the overflow of these wrappers (or for .main), or to give the white background to another element than to the .main div...


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