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Internet Bandwidth Management and VOIP using Cisco 871w

Dear Experts

Here is the scenario. One small office with 30 employees. The office is divided to 3 departments. DepartmentA , DepartmentB and DepartmentC lets say. They have an internet connection ADSL corporate 512Kb/512Kb download/upload.

They want from me to divide the internet connection bandwidth as follows: 60% internet bandwidth utilization for Dep.A, 30% for Dep.B and the rest for Dep.C . They also need to setup a VPN connection for VOIP through IP cordless phones so they can communicate with their main office to avoid the cost of external calls. Also Dep.B must be connected to the internet through a wireless connection only.

They need all these by having at my disposal 2 unmanaged switches, one Cisco 871W wireless router and the corporate internet connection 512Kb/512Kb download/upload.
Can I implement this solution according to what I have? I asked them to put at least another home ADSL connection just for VOIP but they said the ministry of communication forbids the use of home ADSL connection to companies.

I will give the points to the one who has setup something similar or at least to know for sure how this is going to work as I need only advice for the time being.

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According to documentation

This router should be able to handle the task.
One more question how you are going to separate A,B,and Departments? Is there different subnets or designated blocks of addresses for hosts. You say that you have just a couple of unmanaged switches and I assume there is no way to create any VLANs. If it's really small office and you have all the computers registered, you may want to use static records for DHCP server and put them to diffrent blocks of addresses and then apply different policy for those blocks.

Next. VoIP over WiFi may give unexpected results. If you will have a couple of heavy users in Department B on WiFi, they may kill entire bandwidth. Wireless gives 54Mbps for ALL users in the segment, like a hub and it's really hard to control, so be carefull.

If yo uneed more specific information just ask questions.
giorgosy78Author Commented:
Thank you for your quick response and clear enough to understand advice.
I give you all the points.
Thanks, If you need any help with QoS config, you can search on this web site and find lots of typical samples or ask experts and provide more details about your network.

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