Determine .Net framework version and Microsoft C++ 2005 SP1 Runtime in Vista Ultimate

I need to know what .Net framework I am using and the C++ runtime I have. I am using Vista Ultimate. Has anyone else experienced issues with running games on Vista Ultimate?
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Similar approach if you just need to quiz one machine:

download the standalone executable of SIW, run and go to the Shared DLL's section
This will give you the version numbers for all the C++ Runtime (CRT)
Look for MSVCP....  but all versions installed will be reported , you'll need to look right through the list to make sure you have found the latest

Same goes for the .NET Framework libraries
Look for MSCOR.....

You could also do this by looking in the registry directly.

If you need to do this programatically (i.e. as a detection prior to installing) there are a few MSDN articles on using  scripts to return version numbers.

>>Has anyone else experienced issues with running games on Vista Ultimate?
Yes pretty much everyone(!)  SP1 will help a lot with this but did you have anything specific in mind?
If you want to figure out wich version you have running,
Try installing SiSoftSandra.
SiSoftSandra Download Link

It lets you run tests and i belive .NET framework is in there too.

XconAuthor Commented:
Ok how do I find the .Net in this application?
XconAuthor Commented:
Thank you, this is exactly what I needed
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