how many fans is too many fans on a computer case

i have the oportunity to get 10 case fans for 20.00. can i modify my case to put these fans on the side and the back of the case? is it bad to have too many cooling fans on one case? right now i have an antec 900 case which has 3 120mm fans and a 180mm fan on top. thanks!
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You only need enough fans to keep your system at a 'reasonable' operating temperature (whatever that is).

The fans you have on your present case sound like plenty, but I don't know what's inside it.

I wouldn't put more fans on a case than it was designed for without a good reason, and the only one I can think of is heat.  Fans are a source of noise, so a lot of us try to keep them running slowly, since noise vaires as the square of speed - twice the speed gives four times the noise.  The large diameter fans - 120 mm and 180 mm - give more airflow for the same rotational speed as smaller fan, so they are inherently quieter.

What do you have in that nice case?  Is it running hot?

I would leave it as-is unless it's getting too hot.

Can't run too many fans... unless, of course, you're out of power to run 'em.

That being said, having 3 120mm fans and a 180mm is beefy, I can't imagine you'd have heading problem with that case.

Additionally, adding more fans to a case that doesn't need them can introduce more dust into the box. Even a thin blanket of dust over a processor acts as an insulator, causing an increase in temperature that all the fans in the world won't help cool.
Adding fans would probably do more harm than good by changing air flow pattern designed into the case. I'd highly recommend leaving well enough alone. You already have a lot of air flow.

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jsthursdayAuthor Commented:
alright thanks guys
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