How can I create an HREF link in an HTML page that will open a new instance of IE and display the page that I want others to view

We recently installed a new application that has a different Jinitiator version than the one(s) used by other applications. When this new application is launched it causes errors with the other apps. I want to create a link that will first open a new instance of IE (regardless of how many are running) and then launch the link to an application that is brower based.

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Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
Well, you can open a new browser window with

<a href="whatever" target=_blank>

but I don't know if you can force it to IE.

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b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
You can't use html to force it to IE or even a new window.  If settings designate a new tab then that is what will be used.  Yodercm's html is what you would use though.

It would help to see some html or more details if that doesn't work.  The server script won't help at all though so please provide the browser source.  Server script is never received by the browser, just the html, css, and client sidescript the server code makes.

Let us know if you have a question.  All credit to Yodercm if that tag is what you need and you don't care if the browser isn't IE and a new tab is used.

The best you can do as far as forcing the use of a specific browser is checking what browser they are using with Javascript (if they have it turned on) and have a pop up message saying they need to use IE for the application to run.
Forced accept.

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