Can't connect to domain resources through vpn to windows 2000 server

I have a windows 2000 server that I am trying to get a laptop to communicate with using windows vpn.  The laptop is running xp pro and was sucessfully joined to the domain while directly connected to the domain controller in the office.  Then,  I created a windows vpn connection to the ip of the server and can establish a tunnel that I can ping the server from the laptop remotely.  I can't seem to browse any of the resources on the server.  I get an error that states that the system detected a possible attempt to compromise security.  Anyone have an idea?

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Can you get to the server if you use the IP?  e.g: \\x.x.x.x
Can you get to the server if you use a fully qualified domain name?  e.g: \\server.domainsuffix

"I get an error that states that the system detected a possible attempt to compromise security."
From where do you get that error?  I'm assuming the server?

If so do you have a host-based firewall running on the server?  If so which firewall product are you using?
1. try net use * \\\<share> /u:<DOM>\<username> *
2. type in password
3. Check against your windows firewall...probablly is up :)
Connect using "log on using dialup connection". only way to ensure you are authenticated to the domain
jeffreychorbaAuthor Commented:
I ended up enabling DHCP on the server and it seemed fix the problem.  But then I started receiving IP address conflicts on the network.  The strange thing is it says the conflict is coming from a mac address that I do not know where? and ii is theconflicting with the (same as the server?)  I know that no other hardware has the address?  After much frustration I turned off DHCP on the server and enabled it on my router like it was before I started this project.  Now I am getting this strange occurance when I restart any workstation on the network.  After I log in I get sporadic connection errors when try to connect to drives and resources on the server.  If I wait a few minutes and try again it seems to let me connect if I try accessing the resource. Then, as long as you don't restart the client it seems to continue to work?? I am going to post what I can from memory as to how I have the server configured.:

Windows 2000 server sp4 setup as a DC

I have the NIC card setup as static ip of

In DNS settings I have DNS forwarders turned on and I have the dns servers from our isp in there

In the router I have DHCP enabled and it is setup to hand out addresses between I also have a reservation in the router to reserve ip 100 for the server,   In the DNS settings in the router I have and the other one is one from our isp.  All workstations are setup to pull ips and dns automatically and I verified that the dns server numbers are showing u pin iconfig.  One setting I curious about in dns is the Round robin.  I can't remembr how that was set before - should it be on or off?  I am at the point that I am considering restoring the server to prior state.  What kind of nightmares am I starting by doing that?  Will the workstations reconnect after restore or will I have to re-join them to the domain?

jeffreychorbaAuthor Commented:
I changed the server ip to a different number and all my problems stopped.  Not sure exactly caused it but it is wokring now.


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