My monitor is flickering
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UtronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, it's an LCD, works fine for about an hour, then drops out.  More than likely a heating issue, the monitor will need to be serviced or replaced. The fact that you have to remove the power cord means that there are circuit board issues.
Assuming you are one of few people in the world that still uses a CRT monitor.  Remove any electronic devices away from the monitor, fans, electric staplers, lamps.  Also, change the refresh rate of your monitor.
XBedoyaAuthor Commented:

Well I don't have any electronic device near. This is a Dell E151 Fib and actually flickers when I turn the computer on after a few hours of no operation. First goes black screen w/ flicker and does not turn off I have to un-plug the cord and plug it back for the image to appear. I tried to find the refresh rate but couldn't.
XBedoyaAuthor Commented:
Okay, I will take it for service and see what they recommend.

Thank you,
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