Need to urgently fix a memory leak

I have a web service which was written for me by a contractor who no longer works for me.  Add to that I no longer have the funds to hire someone to help.

He wrote an ASP.NET web service and the java applet which sends GPS data from each phone to the web service.  I have validated that only when one or more phones are reporting does the memory decay.   I do not yet have a development machine I can use to test the program and get into the code, and would not really understand it if I did.  I do no want to "break" a working system, although I need to reboot it every few hours when they are running with 5 or more drivers (each with a phone).

Short of me creating a new development machine that I can use to test the service on, how might I gather some information about the cause of the memory leak?  He was an excellent programmer, and I wonder if there any way that the problem could be solvable without actually changing his code??

I have a demo of Clever Cache which seems to help clean up lost memory, but it can not keep up with the losses.

Any suggestions?

I'm in a serious pickle!

newbiewebSr. Software EngineerAsked:
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use perfmon to track what causing the leak....
newbiewebSr. Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
It looks very interesting.  What do I do with it??
newbiewebSr. Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  These look like very powerful tools, but are way beyond my "pay grade" to understand.  But since I have no choice that I must fix this problem, I will drive my way into understanding these powerful tools to help me isolate the problem.

First, could you you just give me a general characterization of how I should use these programs to isolate the problem?  Could you describe how you wouild approach a memory leak of a web service with perfmon?  Then maybe a few words of the extra features of the perfmon+?

Thanks, I appreciate it,


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