Server.Transfer / POST within frame or iframe issue

Ok, I have a project. Everything works great. HOWEVER, this project was made to be called from within a frame or iframe.

When being used within the iframe the user gets a blank frame when clicking certian buttons.

Here is the code for the iframe.
<iframe src="" id="frameName" frameborder="0" width="550" height="750"></iFrame>

Here are the steps taken to reproduce.

1. Open main page in browser. (main page includes an iframe that calls my application) Both pages load fine.

2. User clicks the "Register" button. The code behind this button has one line of code Server.Transfer("register.aspx");

3. the register.aspx page loads correctly within the iframe.

4. User fills in form and clicks submit.

5. The content of the iframe dissapears. If I view the source of the iframe it contains the same html as the parent page which is...

<iframe src="" id="frameName" frameborder="0" width="550" height="750"></iFrame>

NOW, if I make a page on my local machine and change the src attribute of the iframe tag to point to this same project but on my local machine it works fine. The production website works fine too as long as it is not contained within a frame or iframe.

Any Ideas???
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dpbouchardConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was the compact P3P policy. There wasn't one and putting my site within a frame or iframe causes IE 6.0 and up to block third party cookies that come from a site without a privacy policy.

Why the page displayed blank is beyond me. But adding the compact privacy policy to the header of the website through IIS fixed the problem.

If anyone is having the same problem search google for creating p3p polich third-party cookies
dpbouchardAuthor Commented:
Oh and this is only happening with Internet Explorer. I am using version 7.0. I tried this with firefox and no problems at all. Everything works fine.
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