Microsoft Exchange System Attendant Service wont start

I restarted my exchange server the restart failed because of a bad Key board I had to power off the server and restart with a new Keyboard to get the server back up. When It did come up exchange would not mount the msg store because the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service was not running.  the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant Service is in a starting mode and the information store is dependent on this service. I am not running Anti virus on the server and I have ran the tools to check the message store and its ok . I need help starting this service please.
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coraxalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are you getting in the event viewer? Could you post those event entries here so that we can take a look? One thing you can try is set all the Exchange services to "disabled", and restart your server. Once restarted, change the services to automatic and start one by one.
Try to manually start the service:-

On the Start menu, click Run, type services.msc, and then click OK.
Find the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service. Right-click the service, and then click Start/Restart.

See if this helps
unisupportAuthor Commented:
I get no options to restart while it is starting. I have tried to change the startup type but I cant get theoption to restart the service. all I can do is restart the service and then I end up in the same place.
unisupportAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help on this. I have got it working again. your suggestion about disabling the services helped. when I tried to restart the System Attendant Service I got a new error which led me to the final answer. For some reason the users were moved in active directiory from thier default location to an OGU called user. I moved the default groups back and my exchange server is working again. Thanks again for your help, I will give you full points for this because you were the only one to offer any help with this question.
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