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I have a requirement where 100s of sales reps need to be able to send faxes while on the road. I'm looking at between 1000 and 1500 a day.

Has any one got experience with something similar?

Is it better to outsource using on of the many email to fax providers or manage this myself?

I have a Win2k3 box and access to Exchange 2000 / 2007 if that helps.  Can a standard phone line / MS Fax deliver 1500 faxes a day??

I don't want links to email to fax providers that you haven't used, as I too can google.


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coraxalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Dave,
I've experienced both outside and inside the company. Our company went from approx. 600 fax/day to 2500 fax/day.
I don't have to tell you that outsourcing the service takes the administrative overhead from your shoulders. It's actually really simple as the service company provides you with a portal where you manage your account, and phone numbers. We used eFax for the service provider when we were averaging 600 fax/day. There are many other companies in that arena providing the same service.
As the volume of faxes increased in our company, we decided to bring the service in-house so we went with GFI's fax solution. There are several different ways to setup your fax server depending on the type of phone lines you're using (analog v. digital, pbx v. no pbx). In our case, we have a phone system with over 10 PRI cards. We allocate 1 PRI card for the fax server as we have control over the DID numbers we assign.
In conclusion, you and your company have to determine which option makes more sense financially speaking. If money is not a challenge, I'd go with the outsourced service especially if your IT shop is small and you're the only one with all of the responsibility. If you have a telecommunications person in-house, it's even better. However, you have a budget and you and your company decide that the administrative overhead added along with the ROI makes sense, then go with the in-house fax solution. In-house faxing can be fun but it can also get ugly if you don't have the staff to maintain it and support it.
Hope this provides a little direction.
kieran_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey Dave,

I would recommend outsourcing for that kind of volume too - we have a stack of regional folk using Faxstream from Telstra.  I imagine you would pay through the nose, but my users are... blessed... in ways other than IT skills or common sense.

I have not tried insourcing(?) that kind of volume, but reckon you would need more than a single line...
flavoAuthor Commented:
Thanks gents. Looks like I might have someone manage it for us.

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flavoAuthor Commented:
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flavoAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kieran!
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