use PHP to call out windows function (dir, ls, wget ,etc )

I'm on the verge of writing a php script that will download files from several websites to my server using PHP.
Since this is my own server therefore I enabled shell exec for PHP installation, (windows server 2003 platorm, I installed several GNU tools for windows as well) . I attached the code below.

when I executed that script via the browser, I received


and I don't see any downloaded file in the folder (I assume the file will be downloaded to the same folder with the script)

Can you please give me any insight?
THanks so much

exec ('wget', $command_output);
echo  $command_output;

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instead of echo $command_output try this:

foreach ($command_output as $command_output_element)
  echo "$command_output_element\n";

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valleytechAuthor Commented:
Thanks millions.
I had tried that before posting this question with "ls -la". It worked just fine.
but for "wget" (utility to download file from URL), it just showed nothing.

Thanks again!

If that solves your problem can you please close the question by accepting the answer
valleytechAuthor Commented:
right! sorry ^^ ..iwas busy with other stuffs
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