Roxio 10 won't work

Hi, I just bought Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 and downloaded the updates but when I tried to burn a DVD from one of the .AVI files I have on my HD it failed twice. Here are the messages I got;
Prior to starting the burning process:
Your Video Card driver may be out of date
After the operation went on for about twenty minutes I got this:
Seek,Synch,ATIP or mechanical positioning error  Hardware error [04/09/02]
Sense Key = 0x04
ASC = 0x09
ASCQ = 0x02
Ulong: error #14090208
String: error string = Seek, positioning error  hardware error.
And as I got ready to exit the program I got this;
Unspecified error [0x80004005]

The weird thing is that as late as yesterday I was using Nero 7 and everything was working fine but I uninstalled it so that I could try this program out.
Any ideas?
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It seems like corrupt codecs

Download and install klite and restart the computer. check whats happens.

Using the latest versions increases your chances of hitting bugs drivers out of date
I believe here is your key as you said it yourself but i'll give you a frame of understanding>>Nero 7 and everything was working fine but I uninstalled it<< Either you did not uninstall Nero fully as this is your default software to burn discs and is bundled with your DVD recorder? y/n
May I ask why you went with Roxio when Nero is a far better software than roxio.
Roxio seems to give lots of problems Roxio...has encountered an error and needs to close" messages  and the Support is lousy too.
I have never used it but from the amount of issues I dont believe I ever will there.
 Nero is better. Pinnacle is better
Seek,Synch,ATIP or mechanical positioning error  Hardware error [04/09/02]<< drivers maybe
outdated  for the DVD recorder
Get a better DVD burner?

Sense Key = 0x04
ASC = 0x09
ASCQ = 0x02
Ulong: error #14090208
String: error string = Seek, positioning error  hardware error.
Don't burn directly to the CD by drag and drop method onto the disc.. create the iso file first using the NEW interface where you drop the files to be burnt.. burn window dialog
 Also try better brand of discs for DVD and video> Verbatum discs I found the most reliable also never burn faster than X8 X4 is I recomend.
Look on your DVD discs what burn speed is written on them?

Ensure there is no traces of Nero left on your HDD, delete even the folders left behind check the task manager running programs.

Nero 7 is a new version has lots of new featrues sometimes the INCD can cause problems
Roxio's burn to disc feature has issues as well.


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