How do I adjust user settings in Windows?

I'm supporting a number of PC's.  Some running versions of XP and Vista.  To make things simple, I want to set remote users up with limited access rights.  In windows, how do I assign and adjust user level security.  For example, I would like to prevent users from downloading and installing files, adjusting/disabling system/security settings, accessing system files/folders and installing programs from CD, EHD or floppy.

Are there any limitations to versions of XP or Vista that would stop me from doing this?

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If you simply create thier user accounts, as Limited USers, they wont be able to do most of the things you specified..... This is available in XP and Vista.....

If you need to get granular on teh Permissions at the File/Folder level, simply adjust that on the objects themselves, under the Properties>security tab of the item....


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If this is an  Active Directory environment (or accessed on teh local machine by start>run>gpedit.msc)

Group Policy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And also in GPO, there is the Local Security Policy....You can get even more detailed to prevent people from doing almost anything... Completely managed environment....
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