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Why is my Dell Powervault 220S beeping now?

Over the weekend we planned to pull a Dell PERC 3D from an ailing server and move it to a newer server, and to attach the external storage that had been connected to the old server via the PERC to the new server as well. The external storage is a Dell Powervault 220s with (x7) 146 GB drives configured in a single array with a single logical volume.

The config of the PERC says it has 2 arrays (the other array is from the old internal array of the old server), and says that the 1st array has failed, and that the second array is degraded.

Moving the card (and external drive) back to the original server does not get rid of this confounding beep, which SEEMS to be coming from the 220S

Shutting the server attached to the external storage off makes the beeping go away, and the beeping stays off until the server boots up and gets past the point on the bootstrap where the Perc goes and does its thing.

THere is only one SCSI cable plugged into this 220s, and the whole split bus thing doesnt SEEM to be the issue, but Ive no idea what the problem could be. Im hypothesizing two things now.

#1 - The beeping indicates the degraded / failed status of the logical drives in the config (in which case Id love to hear some estimates on how long it will take the degraded drive to rebuild so Ill know when I can attempt to remove the failed array)

#2 - The split plane thing in the middle of my 220S has failed. The tech manuals indicate this is one time when the unit will beep regardless of whether audible alarm has been activated.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The 220S does not beep.  The PERC card in the suspect server beeps.  If you check the card's BIOS you can disable the beeping on that current issue AND figure out what the issue is.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Ok... so why the B grade?
I have a powervault 220s, it is the only thing pluged in and it is beeping about every 3 seconds.  Ideas?

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