How to create a rule that will automaticly generate a helpdesk ticket based off an email sent to our helpdesk email address

We have a dedicated email address for the helpdesk that the users are aware of and have been using for over 2 years now.   We have the new way of submiting tickets (through the web page that is associated w/ the altiris helpdesk module)  available to them however we also want the option of submititing via the helpdesk email account available to them too.  

How would I go about creating a rule that would automaticly generate a ticket for each email that comes in through that email address?  

If that rule could assign generate a new ticket / use the sender of the email as the person who is creating that ticket / use the subject of the email for the title of the ticket / the main description comming from the body / assign it to our Level 1 user every time.  

Our IT Helpdesk staff can then assign it to the appropriate person and give it the appropriate category.

2 other questions associated w/ this:  

1. How would I generate a report that tells me all of the tickets assigned to "Level 1" (as our helpdesk personel can use this report to organize the tickets throughout the day.)  

2. By having 2 methods of entering in tickets (as i'm suggesting on doing) that will not interfere in any reporting capability etc.  Just want to make sure before this is implemented.  

Thanks in advance for everyone's help with this issue.  Also if youf have any suggestions on good reference material regarding this product please feel free to include, as it is new to our envirionment and its my first time dealing with it.  

Best regards,

Ryan J. Boyle
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CABISConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Instead of an Outlook rule, we wrote a COM add-in for Outlook. On send, the COM object detects messages sent to our help desk email address. It then captures and writes the pertinent data (user, issue, priority, ticket number, etc.) directly to the help desk database tables.

Since the info is being written directly to the help desk db, the help desk software doesn't differentiate between web-submitted items and email-submitted tickets, so for our situation, reporting is seamless.

I'm not familiar with Altiris Helpdesk, so I don't know if this will work for you, but it may give something to think about. Obviously the add-in has to be installed for each user that needs to submit help desk items using email.
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