Granting Access to allow logon through terminal services

I have created a OU and added all of my servers in it.
I have created a GPO called server security and added the server operators group to the allow logon through terminal services.
I have made sure the GPO was applied to the server by running the gpresults command.
The GPO seems to be applied however anyone that is in the server operators group still can not logon to any of the servers via terminal services.
Can someone please tell me what im missing here?
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ryansotoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The remote desktop group has this permission by default.  You can add the group you created to the remote desktop group and this will solve that issue.
You have to a member of the remote desktop group to access terminal services.
Also its wise to put a terminal server in its own OU to apply different security policies to it vs your other servers.
omen1280Author Commented:
can i grant this access to the remote desktop users group via group policy or do i have to add it manuallly to each server?
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