Can I move my external RAID array from one 2003 server to another without losing the data?

I want to move an external storage array (7 146 GB drives in a single RAID 5 array inside a Dell Powervault 220S) from one server to the other. Is it possible to do so without losing the data?

I tried today using a separate SCSI card, and that flat out didnt work (the new OS saw the drives as 7 new and seperate drives).

Moving the actual card the external SCSI had been attached to allowed me to see the drive in Windows (which is degraded) but also started a cycle of PERC card beeping because of the "failed" drive array of the old servers internal drives. Nothing I could do would let me delete the internal drive array of the old computer off the PERC card.

If I go into the SCSI card's configuration and create a new array of those same 7 drives, but do NOT initiatlize them, will I be able to see it in the new server without data loss?

Must I wait until the degraded status goes away, and how bloody long will that be? Its been going a long time (hours) since I removed and replaced the drive today.
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If you use the same type of array controller in the other PC there should be no problem.
priceepAuthor Commented:
Why is type of controller important, over having the specific configuration in the controller? If the array comes from a Perc 4e, and I install it in a system that has a Perc 3d, are you saying it cant be made to work?
I don't know the PERC controllers, but if it is the same family it should work.

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