Dell 9300 will not boot

I have a dell 9300 which is not used very often.  how i tried to boot the cpu and the results are as follows:  the num lock, caps lock, the other one lock light flashes. the power light comes on and i think that is the hard drive light to the right of power also flashes.  I can hear the fans spinning.  I have also tried to reseat every connection from keyboard and video card.  I do not get a response from the LCD at all meaning no DELL with white bar below.  i have also tried booting with one RAM mod in place and with no mods in place.  With both tries i get the same result.  i know from experience that if everything is working and there is no RAM in place the cpu will sound a loud tone which i did not receive in fact i received no tones at all.  With all of that is there something else i could try or is it that the mother board has gone belly up on another dell for me? Or could it be that it just thinks its too hot and can not cool down?

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"if everything is working and there is no RAM in place the cpu will sound a loud tone which i did not receive in fact i received no tones at all. "

Yea, with no RAM the POST stops and sounds an error... If you didnt get that, I would suggest he board is definately having issues.....

Have you tried to remove the CMOS battery, and let the BIOS reset?

Does it boot any further after it has been off overnight?

Can you remove any other cards, like a WLAN card, pcmcia cards, modems, etc?

Nothing displayed to an external monitor by any chance?
opie5646Author Commented:
i have tried to boot with the cmos battery removed same problem.  as far as leaving it off  for the night this is the first time i have used the dell in 4 months.  

BTW how long do you need to have the cmos battery off to let the bios reset?

i have to try with an external monitor but wont be able until tomorrow.

i have removed the wlan card and modem and dvd drive and still same problem
I usually let it sit for about 30 minutes..... Noirmally the next boot will tell you checksum invalid..... That way you know it was done, but I dont know about your case...

Sounds more and more like a Mobo prob....

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i would start with the minimum :
mobo + cpu + 1 ram stick, video card, PS  --> any display? if NO it is one of the  connected, start swapping ram, video card, PS; if not, it is cpu or mobo
if YEES, add devices till the bad one is found
opie5646Author Commented:
ok so i have tried booting with the bear min and i even left the cmos battery off for awhile.  I still get the same results.  when i try to boot i hear the hard drive make noise but nothing ever happens

min means withoud disk or cd !
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