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Im in the UK and I have just bought a generic tv tuner which only seems to be able to receive 7 channels. On the box it says PAL-I and PAL_B/G modes are supported (not sure what that means)

Ok so it was really cheap but do I need a freeview box as well? How can I tell for sure.

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The majority of countries using PAL have television standards with 625 lines and 25 frames, differences concern the audio carrier frequency and channel bandwidths. Standards B/G are used in most of Western Europe, standard I in the UK and Ireland, standards D/K in most of Eastern Europe.

You need to select Pal 1 when scanning for channels

Some of the other software that you can use is pinnacle, windvr or chris tv

You can try the trial version


You have an analog tuner card; you should only be getting 5 channels but you're probably picking up a couple of different transmitters and so getting two ITV regions. For Freeview you will either need to get a digital tuner card or, as you mention, a freeview digital to analog box.

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craigdevAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I don't have Pal 1 only Pal I - is that the same?

using Windvr, scanning on Pal I gives me 7 channels
You can watch ITV 3 and 4 through simulcast and BBC 3 and 4 through iPlayer so it's hardly worth getting a set-top box if you've got good broadband. see the "watch" links on for the ITV digital channels and for the BBC digital ones.

PAL 1 must be a typo, it's PAL I. Dunno why they call them set-top boxes, mine keeps falling off my flat screen TV ;)

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