Dynamic DNS suggestions

I currently have a fixed IP address and I run my web server and exchange server with webmail over HTTPS but I have a limit of 50GB each month and I'm looking to change but because of my local exchange not being updated I only really have a choice of going cable but this means having a dynamic DNS and I've been looking into dynamic DNS services but Google returns 100's of services so I'd like some suggestions of good services and also some tips with setting it up.

I don't mind paying a small amount for a good service and I don't mind transferring my domain name to the dynamic dns provider.


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I have been using dyndns.com for a long time, and have had no trouble with their services.

As for configuration, many DSL routers come with built-in Dynamic DNS update functionality. Check documentation for specifics.
Else, you can use one of the free update client tools available on the net. DynDNS.com offers their own client: http://www.dyndns.com/support/clients/

I'm not saying dyndns is the best provider. I have never compared the various providers to give any advice on which one to choose. I've simply never had a reason to feel dissatisfied with my first choice :)
armatageAuthor Commented:
Can you tell me some more information on how this setup please?
Here's some info on using cable modems with dynamic dns:

For configuration, do you have a router behind the cable modem, or do you intend to use a software utility (client) to update the dns when your ip changes?

For example, here's how you can configure a us robotics (5465) wireless MAXg cable/dsl router (scroll down to the section Dynamic DNS):

Here's the guide for the DynDNS official client:

Note that there are other providers with lower charges than dyndns.com.
Below are some links to a low cost service provider. I've no experience with this one, though.


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armatageAuthor Commented:
ty for the info

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