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Safenet iKey2032 smartcard driver for Vista

I am trying to use an SafeNet iKey 2032 token with Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit. I installed the driver from http://safenet-inc.com/support/files/64bit_iKeyDrvr_exe.zip (on the 64 bit version). In the Device Manager under Smart card readers, I see Rainbow iKey Enumerator and 4 times Rainbow iKey Virtual Reader. When I plug in the key, I also see Rainbow iKey 2032. However when trying to use the key for authentication in Windows, in the RDP client or for a VPN connection, it fails (see screenshots).

I have also tries using the token with Checkpoint Pointsec for PC. The application is a full-disk
encryption software and is supposed to be compatible with the iKey2032. I am using a tool that generates a certificate on the token: Token Certificate Creator (CertCreator.exe)

I am having problems using the tool with both Vista x64 and Vista 32-bit with my iKey2032 token. The same software on Windows XP works without a problem. I am also able to use the software both under Vista x64 and Vista 32-bit with an Aladdin eToken instead of the iKey.

When I run the software I see two CSPs that I suppose have been registered by the iKey drivers:
Datakey DSA CSP
Datakey RSA CSP

When trying to use the first CSP, the following error message appears right away: "Error 8009001b when attempting th use the chosen CPS. Make sure to pick the correct token CSP". When trying to use the second one, the following error message appears after a delay of approx 10 seconds: "Could not create certificate, error 80090020". I suspect these are Pointsec related error messages for not being able to communicate with the CSP.

SafeNet support says:
"I would like to update you that we have Bsec 7.0.2 software that is supported on vista (Only 32 bit). We do not have any software that is supported on Vista 64 bit.

Only Ikey is supported on vista 64 bit. If you want you can integrate our ikey with your own application and then you can use it on 64 bit vista."

My problem is with both Vista 32 bit and 64 bit. The behaviour is the same. I cannot receive Borderless Security 7.0.2 because the supplier where I bought my tokens from (Envoy Data) does not respond to me and did not provide any usefull information regarding my records to SafeNet support team.

The SafeNet support is on the case now with the VPN error but this is taking so long. Incident was started on 16 Jan.

The obsolete application that is replaced by Borderless Security, CIP (http://www.cyprotect.com/e/main0153.php) does not work with Vista (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/System_Utilities/Remote_Access/VPN/Q_22994251.html)

1 Solution
danymagAuthor Commented:
I found how to make the token work with Vista. Safenet support insists that the smartcard doesn't work because the BSec PKI application is not installed.

The following document (http://www.globalsign.com/support/adobe/QuickStartGuide.pdf) describes where to get all the necessary files (BSec client and drivers). For 64-bit drivers, go to the Safenet website.

I attach the pdf document and the BSec client to this post for the sole purpose of redundancy. Make sure no copyright laws are broken before using these files.
Admin note - the attachments have been deleted in the interest of preventing potential improper use of licenses.

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